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Old 05-07-2011, 10:51 AM
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Default My wife has a problem with passwords on my PC

As a system administrator I have a general practice of keeping passwords on my PC. The other day my wife needed to print out some photos, and was out of ink on her printer, so she went into my office to print and wanted the password to my PC.

I insisted that the printer was networked (it was connected to a NAS), so she could print from her own laptop and didn't need my PC. She started getting mad. I also told her there was another profile on my PC for her, and she just has to "switch users". She got even more mad.

After a long cold silence, I relented and gave her my password so that she could print. She later had a yelling fit at me about divorce, what secrets I was keeping, asked what I was hiding from her...

I have several very legitimate reasons for having a password on my PC.

1) It's good security practice.
2) There are kids in the house, and they don't need to be in my profile (no one does, actually). That's why there are different profiles (with no passwords) that people can log in to.
3) I run several web businesses, and my profile has access to remote desktop, SSH, and other security holes on my servers. No one needs access but me
4) I usually use "god" passwords, with a few variations. If someone knows my Windows password then they have a very good idea what my Facebook, Google, IM, and other "cloud" passwords are.
5) I run services on my PC that require an account with a password to run.

She eventually calmed down, but I can tell she's still wary. She feels "betrayed", "hurt", and all these other irrational emotions... even though she looked through my entire PC and found nothing... because I have done nothing to violate our marriage.

So, she wants me to remove all my passwords (apparently so she can periodically check on me). We are at a standoff, and I am not budging, and she's making this a huge marital issue.

Advice, please?
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