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Old 05-03-2011, 11:13 AM
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Default 750GB Xbox project

Even though I'm so busy that I don't get to play many games, I'm still a gaming nut.

I've had my hacked classic Xbox for a while, and I've been afraid to update it since I busted my last one. I just bought a new pre-hacked version with the modchip already soldered on... my last one used pogo pins and eventally scraped the copper off the board.

The Xbox did have an old 80GB hard drive in it, and since I had a ton of 500GBs laying around that it was time to upgrade. That way I could have every Xbox game I own (plus a ton of emulators) on the hard drive, and I could play all day long without switching discs!

None of my 500GB drives were parallel, so I bought a cheap slimline adapter (so it could actually fit in the xbox), and everything seemed good.

I eventually got corruption and the drive would periodically not show up (an error message when I boot up the Xbox). I tried many different partition methods (128MB first drive, big second, two 250GB partitions with 32k and 64k cluster sizes)... but nothing seemed to work.

I figured out that it just had to be the cheap adapter. I went scrambling around and eventually found a Seagate 750GB PATA hard drive at a local shop. Even though it is "old" it cost nearly $100 becuase it was an unusual item, and it had been sitting on his shelf for over two years.

But still, I forked over the cash, installed it in my Xbox and partitioned it. To be safe I made two equal partitions with 64k cluster sizes. I'm now happy to report that my Xbox works, every game I own is available through a menu, and I have over 200 GB free, even after installing all the emulators I have.
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